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E-Commerce Consultant with -
More than 20 years of experience:
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing.
Freelance E-Commerce Consultant.
Freelance SEO Optimization.
Freelance Online Marketing.
Freelance AI Consultant.

Martin - The e-commerce consultant

New Webshop / Website

✔️ New website / website

✔️ Launch of the Webshop

✔️ Domain help

✔️ Business start - CVR

✔️ Individual or ApS?

✔️ What about Business account

✔️ Provider of Webshop?

✔️ Accounting program?

✔️ Product help

✔️ Where can I find items?

✔️ Supplier assistance

✔️ Trade with foreign countries


✔️ Help for E-commerce.

✔️ Help for AI

✔️ Artificial Intelligence

✔️ Webshop & AI

✔️ Freelance webshop help

✔️ Freelance Marketing

Online Marketing

✔️ Digital Marketing

✔️ AI in your marketing

✔️ SEO

✔️ Content

✔️ Google Ads

✔️ Bing Ads

✔️ SoMe

✔️ LinkBuilding

✔️ Which programs?

✔️ What Software is used?

What does it cost?

✔️ Fixed Hourly Price.

✔️ No Binding

✔️ Project - Contact

✔️ Fixed price can be agreed.

✔️ Obtain an offer / assignment

Who am I?

My name is Martin & I am a Freelance Consultant in & around general E-Commerce & Online Marketing. With more than 20 years of experience, I have gained a broad knowledge of trading on the internet, marketing, start-ups and sales & purchasing, both in Denmark and abroad.
The E-Trade Consultant - Help for E-Trade

My Services

Start-up of the webshop

Help right from the start-up of the webshop - who, what, where - which provider, which domain for selecting new products, as well as help finding these.


Optimizing your webshop so that we promote your business's visibility on search engines such as Google & Bing.

Google Ads

Campaigns for your webshop or business via Google Ads


Promotes your business presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

Online Projects

SEO Help -

SEO - Are you visible in the search engines?

SEO is an extremely important factor for your business's online presence.

I can help you improve your visibility in the search engines - eg Google & Bing.

AI Help -

Marketing With Artificial Intelligence.

Are you already using the thousands of possibilities AI or "Artificial Intelligence" gives you in your business?
AI can be used for an incredible amount and it is going fast, very fast.

Do you use AI in your digital marketing? Do you create content on your site with AI?


Google Ads - Google paid advertisements.

Online visibility essential for any business. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a powerful tool that can help businesses reach their target audience more effectively.

Help for So-Me Content - content

SoMe - Do you use social media?

You probably occasionally or perhaps often look at Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.! But are you also using these to promote your business?

We collaborate with, among others:

Webshop Startup - Help -

Get in Touch

Contact me at last - better once too much than once too little.
I am ready to help you with your webshop & your online business adventure.

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